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Hardwood Floor Refinishing | Hardwood Floor Installation

Befor installing a hardwood floor Timberline Floors will check the sub-floor and make necessary corrections to insure a proper installation; for which we will provide a 5 year installation warranty.

  1. Wood subfloors must be flat, clean, dry, structurally sound, free of squeaks and protruding fasteners,

  2. For nail-down installations the wood subfloors should be flat to within ¼” in 10’ feet. If peaks or valleys in the subfloor exceed the tolerances specified it may be necessary to sand down the high spots and fill the low spots with a leveling compound or other material approved for use under wood flooring, However, it is the builder’s responsibility to provide the wood-flooring contractor with a flat sub-floor.                                                        

Work pictured is that of Timberline Hardwood Floors

                    If the substrate is not flat the wood floor will not adhere to the glue creating a hollowness under the floor.

  1. For glue-down installations the subfloor should be flat to within 1/8” in 10’ feet. If the slab is out of specification concrete grinding and floating will need to be done. Many high spots can be removed by grinding and depressions can be filled with self-leveling concrete products.

  2. Self-levelers and concrete sealers will not bond to a concrete substrate that is contaminated with adhesive residue or old sealers, oil, grease, wax, paint and asphalt or tar-based products. Even trace amounts will prevent a good bond between the substrate and subsequent toppings.

  3. One of the most cost-effective methods for removing a wide variety of contaminates from a large area of concrete is to use shotblasting. By using different sizes of steel "shot",  Timberline Floors can remove a variety of sealers, coatings, curing compounds and other contaminants quickly and effectively, leaving behind an open textured surface ready to recieve the concrete leveler or sealer, prior to the installation of the the flooring materials.

  4. Slabs must be a minimum of 3,000 psi.

Subfloor Flatness and Integrity: