Types of Surface Finishes
Timberline Floors uses Oil-modified or Water-based urethane finishes, and Penetrating Wax.

Oil-modified urethane is easy to apply. It is a solvent-based polyurethane that dries in about eight hours. This type of finish has a mild odor and will amber over time. Repair work on oil-modified finishes is relativly easy to complete.
Water-based urethane finishes are clear and non-yellowing, contain low VOC's and are Green compliant. They have a slight odor and dry in four hours. Repair work on water-based finishes is 
more dificult to complete.

Below is a list of popular finishes and what I consider to be there performance ratings

Surface Finishes

Lasting beauty requires minimal care with today’s wood floor finishes. These finishes are usually urethanes and remain on the surface of the wood and form a protective coating. Surface finishes are popular today because they are durable, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Various sheen levels are available from matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

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