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Hardwood Floor Refinishing | Hardwood Floor Installation

Refinishing your hardwood floor in order to change the stain color is a great way to update your décor without having to change the flooring material itself.  It is affordable and convenient.  It is also a great opportunity to add a border or medallion to an existing floor, install new wood vents, stairs, base-boards, or a new floor in an adjoining room.

Refinishing will be your best option if you are experiencing visible dents, scratches, permanent cupping, or finish wear-through.  If you are experiencing only a “loss of sheen” sanding and refinishing may be more then what you require and a simple recoat will suffice.  Timberline Floors can re-coat prefinished flooring or sand-n-place flooring using urethane finishes.

General Information:

A solid ¾” hardwood flooring has a tremendously long life and can be refinished 8 to 10 times.  Engineered flooring may be refinished 2 to 3 times, depending on the thickness of the veneer, whether the floor is cupped or not, the depth of dents and scratches, as well as the skill of the person sanding the floor.  Each time a floor is refinished approximately 1/32” is removed from the surface.  To ensure smooth and clean finish coats all floors are hand sanded, buffed, vacuumed and tacked between each coat.

Dry Times for stains and finishes:

             Stain colors generally dry within:    2 to 8 hours
             Water-borne urethane finishes:    4 to 6 hours
             Oil-Modified urethane finishes:  8 to 10 hours

Depending on the type of finished used dry time will vary between 4 and 10 hours.  At Timberline Floors we apply our finishes in the late afternoon (allowing finishes to dry overnight) which allows for foot traffic from early morning to mid afternoon, giving other tradesmen the opportunity to continue their work.

       Common Corrections:

        Update stain color
        Remove scatches, dents and gouges
        Eliminate cupping
        Finish wear-through
        Water damage
        Dislodged trim pieces
        Exposed nail heads
        Voids and gaps in flooring
        Damages from pets
        Dry Rot

       The Timberline Distinction:                                     Refinishing Services Include:
       Honesty, Integrity, Devotion.  
                                                                                         • Workmanship Warranty
       Karl has a proven track record of customer              • Dust Free Sanding Equipment
       satisfaction, all  workmanship is guaranteed.           • Three (3) coats of urethane finish
       Although site-finishing  may  have  blemishes,         • Stain Colors: natural to extremely dark
       Karl strives to provide floors of quality.                      • Stain Matching
       No Sanding Streaks, No Screen Markes,                 • Bleaching or water-Poping
       No Chatters,  No Waves  and  NO Gaps.                  • Repairs and Board Replacement 
       Only clean and smooth finish coats.