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Hardwood Floor Refinishing | Hardwood Floor Installation

Installation Services Include:

The installation of a new floor is an exciting time and can provide all sorts of opportunities.  There are perhaps 40 different species of wood floors, and each species will have 2 to 3 grade levels, each providing a unique look.  An applied stain color will add to the individuality of a custom floor, while other species are selected for their “natural” beauty.

New wood floors also give an opportunity to install treads and riser at stairways and new base boards at the perimeter.  Although Strait-Lay floors are very common, Timberline Hardwood Floors can also install custom medallions and borders, or we can “hand distress” either an existing or new hardwood floor to ones own taste.

     • Installation Warranty
     • Sand-n-Place Flooring Specialist
     • Floor Board Lengths: 
       standard:  1' to 7' w/3'6" average
       extended: 2' to 10' w/6' average
       custom:    8' and longer
     • Wood air registers
     • Treads and Risers
     • Boarders and Medallions
     • Specialty Designs
     • Hand Distressed Flooring
     • Base boards, trim and moldings
     • Pre-Finished Flooring
     • Concrete Leveling and Floating
     • Moisture Barriers
     • Workmanship Warranty