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Hardwood Floor Refinishing | Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Verify that the building is maintained at normal living conditions for temperature and humidity.

  • Where building codes allow, permanent heating and/or air-conditioning systems should be operating at least five days preceding installation.

  • Upon delivery, check wood flooring moisture content with a moisture meter to establish a base line for acclimation. For solid strip flooring (less than 3”), there should be no more than a 4% moisture content difference between properly acclimated wood flooring and the sub-flooring materials. For solid plank flooring (3” or wider), there should be no more than a 2% difference in moisture content between properly acclimated wood flooring and the sub-flooring materials.

  • Moisture Testing in general gives Timberline Floors the ability to start or not start a job; these tests do not give a permanent condition of the substrate; but merely an indication of the condition of the substrate  “at the time the test was performed”.

  • On Concrete Slabs: a Calcium Chloride Test will be done. Tests are to be covered and left in place for 60 to 72 hours. Typical limits for direct glue-down wood flooring (whether solid or engineered) is 3lbs/1000sf/24hr. When getting readings over 3 lbs you must use a vapor/moisture retarder.


       Work pictured is that of Timberline Hardwood Floors

NOTE: Some manufacturers do not require 
acclimation for certain products prior to 
installation. If the manufacturer recommends 
that the wood flooring be acclimated before 
installation, Timberline Hardwood Floors 
proceed as follows:

Between the subfloor and hardwood flooring, a properly acclimated floor will have a "moisture content" difference no greater then 4% for strip flooring and 2% for plank flooring.  If this is achieved when the hardwood is delivered then the floor is considered acclimated; otherwise the hardwood may have to sit in the house for 10 to 14 days to become "acclimated."

The home will need to be weather tight with all masonry, drywall and painting completed prior to the delivery of flooring materials. The home should be at "normal living conditions" with temperatures between 60° to 80° Fahrenheit, and humidity level between 30 to 50%