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Hardwood Floor Refinishing | Hardwood Floor Installation

1.      Wood flooring should be one of the last jobs    completed on the construction project.

2.      The building should be sealed and enclosed with doors and windows in place.

3.      Normal temperature and humidity conditions must be achieved. HVAC and radiant heating systems need to be operating prior to the delivery of the hardwood flooring.

4. Wood flooring will not be delivered to the jobsite until all concrete, masonry, plastering, drywall, texturing and painting primer coats are completed.

5.      Basements and crawl spaces must be dry. 
6.      The crawl space earth should be covered 100% by a vapor retarder of black polyethylene of 6 mil or better.

7.   The moisture content difference between the sub-floor and hardwood should be no greater then 2% for plank and 4% for strip flooring.

8.      When sanding, a 220volt, 30amp power source will be needed within 100 feet of the work area.

9.      The work area should be cleared of all furniture, fixtures, and appliances and then swept clean.

10.  After the installation, if you choose to protectively cover the floor, cover the floor completely, since some species are light-sensitive and uncovered areas may change color. Avoid taping to the finished flooring. When taping paper or sheets together, tape them to each other, not to the floor.

Work pictured is that of Timberline Hardwood Floors

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